Everything you need for giving birth to your new baby, all in one bag.

We Are Here For You

We want to ease your worries, save you time, spare you the expense. Whether you choose to give birth at home, a birth centre or a hospital we are here for you. Allow us to collect and compile the items you need for your happy birth environment in one bundle.

Our Bundles

The Birth Bundle is a collection of items that are used for home or hospital births to save mom from having to find and purchase all these items separately.

We offer a wide range of bundles from the basic home birth to all-inclusive, hospital to water birth ALL to make your birth experience a special time. We also have a gift package for friends and family to purchase for the new mom and baby.

Choose Your Package

Your birth bundle should be in your hands by the time you reach full term (37 weeks). We recommend you order your bundle by your 34th week of pregnancy. If you are concerned about ordering a bundle and not using it (i.e. home birth kit but must have hospital birth), we will accept returns on unused bundles (all items must be unopened). If you receive your bundle prior to 37 weeks, please wait to open any items until you can officially give birth at home.

At this time, all bundles will be available to Kamloops residents only and will be hand delivered to the address provided.